Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PHILADANCO Returns to August Wilson Center

    A few years ago I attended a PHILADANCO Dance performance at the August Wilson Center with several friends. None of us had ever seen before  the company, short for Philadelphia Dance Company,  and didn't know quite what to expect.
    Boy were we blown away! Their performance made my top five dance performances - ever-  and sits at the top of  my favorites list among such august company as  Pilobolus (most any performance they do) and Martha Graham's "Five Sinatra Songs."
    Naturally I was elated to see that the company from Philly will be back in town this Friday at 8 p.m. at their old stomping grounds - the intimate and comfortable August Wilson Center theater. I advise any one - whether an old dance aficionado or Tersichorean newbie to catch the performance. If it's anything like the one I saw previously, you'll be in for a rare treat.
    Here's what the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has to say about the company: "Across the nation and around the world, PHILADANCO is celebrated for its innovation, creativity and preservation of predominantly African-American traditions in dance. Founded in 1970, PHILADANCO has a legacy of breaking barriers and building bridges across cultural divides, consistently performing for audiences representing an amalgamation of people from diverse communities."
    Celebrating Joan Myers Brown and her recent biography, "The Audacious Hope of the Black Ballerina," PHILADANCO has never been more vibrant than in its 45th year! Brown, founder of PHILADANCO and recipient of the 2012 National Medal of Arts for her cultural contributions, couldn’t be more proud of her company. They have represented the U.S., Pennsylvania and Philadelphia as artistic ambassadors around the world.

    Tickets for this event start at $20 and are available by phoning 412-456-6666.

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