Sunday, November 29, 2015

off the WALL Explores Autism in New Play

Sarah Silk, Erika Cuenca, Shaun Cameron Hall Photo Credit: Heather Mul

    off the WALL Productions in Carnegie  is o presenting Laura Brienza’s Scared of Sarah as the second offering of its  2015-16 season with the gracious support of The Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh,

Plot Summary
    Lily’s pregnant, and her husband Sam is stuck in a panic that rings entirely true: they owe more than a small fortune in school loans – how will they support a baby?  Then the couple begins to face an even graver but all-too-real possibility: what if their unborn child turns out to be like Lily’s older sister, Sarah?
    Sarah is autistic—not so far on the spectrum that she is unable to care for herself, but still very difficult to handle and know, processing the universe in such a seemingly unfathomable way.
     Sarah’s employed, lives independently, has hobbies, and by all means looks “normal,” but she’s not quite neuro-typical.  She’s the kind of person that one might interact with every day, not realizing her brain is a little different.  What, Lily wonders, if our baby can’t stand to be held or touched, the way Sarah was?  What if I don’t love my own child?

Written by Laura Brienza
Directed by Ingrid Sonnichsen
Featuring Erika Cuenca, Shaun Cameron Hall, and Sarah Silk

off the WALL productions at Carnegie Stage , 25 W. Main Street, Carnegie, PA. 15106    Performance dates: December 4-5, 10-12, and 16-19 @ 8:00 PM.  Matinees: December 6, 13 @ 3 pm
Tickets: $ 5.00 - $ 40.00.  Phone: 724-873-3576 or 


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