Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Puglia's Primitivo for your Holiday Table

Primitivo, a robust Italian red, by Tormaresca

    Here's a missive from "The Daily Sip" by Bottlenotes which suggests that Primitivo, a bold Italian favorite goes well with holiday dishes.

    The holidays are meant for sharing fall’s bountiful harvests with friends and family. However, it can be intimidating to find a wine that perfectly pairs with the myriad of flavorful dishes you find on your table this time of year.

    And yet, winemakers in Puglia have been using the Primitivo grape to pair with feasts for thousands of years. Primitivo is genetically similar to California’s popular varietal Zinfandel. In fact, they share the same parentage from an ancient Croatian grape. Introduced to Puglia, located in the heel of Italy’s boot, by a priest named Francesco Indellicati, he named the grape “Primativo” as it was the earliest variety to ripen in the vineyard.

    Like Zinfandel, the aroma of Primitivo is marked with distinctive dark fruit and hints of nut and spice that complement warm tones found in seasonal favorites like roasted squash and classic sauces. Full, well-integrated tannins help the wine stand up to savory meats, like roasted beef, ham and turkey, yet help balance the richness of stuffing and roasted vegetables.

    Tormaresca, a leading producer in Puglia, makes two distinct styles of Primitivo from its Masseria Maìme estate – Torcicoda, generally known for being rich and full-bodied with elegant tannins, and Primitivo, which expresses ripe, fresh fruit aromas and a smooth body. Both wines are 100 percent Primitivo.

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