Thursday, April 28, 2016

Medea Vodka - Great Taste with a High Tech Stratagem

Whether you like your vodka straight up or mixed as in Martini, Dubonnet Cocktail, Bloody Mary or Cape Codder, Medea Vodka has the versatility to satisfy both taste preferences.. This award-winning, 80-proof spirit may come with a classical Greek name but it’s made with artesian water in Scheidam, Holland, well-known for its distilleries and malthouses, including that of the maker of Ketel One.
Before opening the bottle for a first ever taste, I fooled around with the bottle’s high tech component - a programmable LED label that comes with six accessible messages that light up with scrolling letters over its blue label - much like the news messages on the buildings at Times Square.
For those computer geeks who like to be more interactive, there’s another option to get your message across - download the Medea Vodka app from the Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android) and program your own personalized message (up to 225 letters each).
The lit-up programmable label (the word’s first) is a definite eye-catcher, and the bottle’s Wow! factor is a  good conversation starter at parties or when displayed on a bar or counter. Use the programmed messages such as Happy Birthday and Happy New Year or create your own to let the world know what’s on your mind.
Medea won a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for marketing, and its innovative programmable element certainly helped get its some deserved attention.
But what about taste?  My preference was to try it straight up after spending some time in the freezer. (It’s been said that Medea’s LED component can withstand several days of ultra-cold temperatures without losing its ability to generate its messages).
Impressed by its smooth, clean and crisp sensation in the mouth followed by a slight burn, I found the vodka has a pleasant but fleeting sweetness that slides across a slate-like foundation with slight touches of vanilla, clove, citrus and pepper.
Keep in mind, however, Medea is neutral enough to serve as mixer in your favorite cocktail. As to cost, in Pennsylvania, Medea Vodka sells for $33.89 for a 750 ml bottle.

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