Friday, July 1, 2016

Eff.Ul.Gents - fireWALL Dance Theater Premieres a New Work at Carnegie Stage.

Elisa-Marie Alaio, Phto credit: Emelie Aggestal

Synonyms for Effulgent:  dazzling, brilliant, radiant, luminous.  Elisa-Marie Alaio’s newest dance show Eff.Ul.Gents portrays these meanings, and so much more.
Beauty.  Sex.  Power.  Three scenes.  Dynamic.  Provocative.  Effulgent.
The struggle of feeling comfortable in your skin, wanting to explore your sexual desires and finally being who you are and owning every bit of it. No matter what these women have gone through, how difficult it may have been, their paths have crossed and they will overcome, together.

Choreography by Elisa-Marie Alaio
Original Music by: Reni Monteverde
fireWALL dancers: Elisa-Marie Alaio, Alexis Bomer, Glenna Clark,  Vicki Lynn Mcwilliams,  Cammi Nevarez, Jenna Rae Smith

July 7-9 & 14-16 @ 8:00 PM;
Tickets $ 5.00 students, $ 25.00 Seniors, $ 30.00 general admission.

Tickets online:!blank/lkit4

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