Thursday, October 20, 2016

Acclaimed Brazilian Chef V\isits Pittsburgh for One-Night Culinary/Cultural Experience

Grilled coalho cheese with sugar cane brown syrup, & a variety of other small bites by chef Ana Luiza Trajano Credit: Alexandre Schneider

On November 4 at 6 p.m. at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Chef Ana Luiza Trajano,  renowned for research into Brazilian foodways, will visit Pittsburgh  for a one-night-only cultural experience pairing a multi-course meal with one of Brazil’s greatest artists.

Chef Trajano, of São Paulo’s acclaimed restaurant Brasil a Gosto, will respond to Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium, CMOA’s premiere of the hotly-anticipated traveling exhibition. According to The New York Times, Brasil a Gosto “unloads an avalanche of flavors and textures and experiences without intimidating.”

Chef Ana Luiza Trajano Credit: Alexandre Schneider

Trajano’s menu draws upon her love of Oiticica’s art, and her recipes are gathered from her extensive research travels throughout rural Brazil. After returning from training and work in Italy in 2003, Trajano embarked on an expedition to gather the recipes, ingredients, folklore, and hand-crafts of traditional Brazilian cooking. Her restaurant and cookbooks reflect a commitment to this cuisine, refined through her European training while remaining authentic to its roots.

The FEAST: Oiticica menu includes:

Grilled coalho cheese with sugar cane brown syrup, & a variety of other small bites (See photo above)

Beetroot cream with flocked tapioca porridge and salty granola

Credit: Alexandre Schneider

Roasted fish in banana tree leafs, farofa made with dendê (orange palm tree oil), coconut rice and pirão

Fish Course Credit:Alexandre Schneifer

Oiticica’s revolutionary art moves from rhythmic geometric painting to massive, multisensory environments suffused with color and texture, inviting visitors to walk through water, relax in a hammock, or wind through maze-like structures. When they aren’t busy sampling Chef Trajano’s delectable food, FEAST visitors will explore the exhibition.

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