Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How About Rose for the Super Bowl?

Roses for SAuper Bowl Fare Credit: Bottlenotes

Advice from Bottlenotes, an Online Wine Newsletter: Skip the beer and go for rose wise.

We love Rosé at a party around here.

And since the Super Bowl is one of the ultimate events of the year, we’re calling for a #RoséAllDay Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s fun, easy to drink and pairs perfectly with all your Super Bowl foods. And since real men drink pink, this is an easy one to serve to everyone all day.

“And it makes people feel like it’s warm out even when it’s not,” says Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW and author of the upcoming Rosé Wine: The Guide to Drinking Pink.

We totally agree. So bring on the sun and the fun.

We asked her to pair some Rosés with our favorite Super Bowl foods so consider this your ultimate Game Day Rosé Guide.

Spicy dishes

If you’re serving spicy foods, like nachos or buffalo wings, you will want a sweeter Rosé. So consider a New World version, like one from California made from Zinfandel grapes.

Fried Food

If you’re making fried chicken or serving other greasy treats, move on over to Provence, France.

The homeland of Rosé produces wines with that salty minerality that will work great with those foods. Made from the Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes, it has that distinctive pale pink color.


Whether you’re ordering or making it, pick a fruiter Rosé. One made from Grenache or Tempranillo grapes with their herbaceous tones will complement that pizza perfectly.

A Tempranillo Rosé, Rioja Rosado, is from the Rioja region of Spain and they’re starting to pop up on wine shop shelves everywhere.

Burgers and BBQ

Big foods, like burgers, BBQ, and your pizza with everything on it, need a “bigger” Rosé. So consider one from Tavel, France.

Tavel is a wine region in Southern France where all the wine produced must be Rosé with at least 11% alcohol. Because of that Tavel Rosé has been dubbed a “Man’s Rosé.”

We think everyone will love it though. It has more body and structure than its fruitier counterparts which makes it the perfect for all those meaty foods.

The primary grapes in a Tavel Rosé are Grenache and Cinsault, but nine varieties are allowed in the blend.

So pick a team and a Rosé and let party start.

Here’s to a great, safe Super Bowl 51!

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