Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Magnum Opus to Match Wines with Vocalists in Unique Concert

Magnvm Opvs Tasting Concerts: "Taste for Hope"
by Matthew Burns & Daniel Teadt

At a MAGNVM OPVS tasting concert, seven world-class wines are paired with songs and singers, and presented in an hour-long program. At each step, Matthew will guide the audience, giving them the ability to discern and express what they hear and taste. Together we will explore the worlds of wine and classical singing in a total sensory experience.


Sat, February 25, 2017
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST

Residence of Anna Singer & Don Kortlandt
115 Grandview Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Tickets $100
 Ticket price includes world class wine tastings paired perfectly with an exquisite voice recital and handcrafted delectibles. www.magnvmopvs.com.

This is a special event to benefit the Pittsburgh chapter of Sing for Hope. www.singforhope.org
Seats are limited. Please reserve your ticket(s) by February 18th.
For more information on Magnvm Opvs tasting concerts, visit www.magnvmopvs.com.


MAGNVM OPVS tasting concerts strives to change the way you engage with the often intimidating worlds of wine and classical singing. Join us as we bring together our world-class team of experts in the fields of wine and song for our next unique event.

Founder and Executive Director Matthew Burns has enjoyed an international career as an opera singer for the last sixteen years. This year, Matthew crosses his passions, wine and the classical voice to form a new type of event, MAGNVM OPVS Tasting Concerts.

Eight years ago, Matthew worked in a boutique wine store in Great Falls, Virginia where he discovered the descriptions used by wine experts paralleled the terms opera singers used to describe the classical voice. The idea for the company did not dawn on him until early 2016 when a cross-country drive took him past a billboard for a German vineyard in western Missouri read "German Food, German Wine and German music". everything came together in that moment and MAGNVM OPVS Tasting Concerts was born.


Cait and Charles Lamberton
R. Aaron Thomann
Deborah Teadt
Brent Davis
Nium Inc.
AJV Media


David Keck, Master Sommelier
Jay Hutchinson
Ryan Looper
Heather Meyer
Christian Tripodi


Anne-Carolyn Bird, soprano
David Kravitz, baritone
Tom Muraco, pianist
Djordje Nesic, pianist
Marco Nistico, baritone
Daniel Teadt, baritone
Laura Ward, pianist
Caroline Worra, soprano

What is a Tasting Concert?

Did you know that the descriptions used by wine experts to describe wine parallel the terms that musicians use to describe the elements of a classical voice?

...clear, bright, round, smoky, opulent, bold, medium-bodied...

Matthew Burns, an internationally acclaimed bass-baritone with a passion for wine, created MAGNVM OPVS tasting concerts to explore how perfectly the language of wine appreciation is set up to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of the classical voice - and vice versa!

At a MAGNVM OPVS tasting concert, audiences are guided through a traditional wine tasting process, an exploration which uses the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. Only one is missing: sound. Matthew solved this by building the wine tastings around specific singers, presenting specially curated wines alongside musical selections specifically chosen to highlight the parallels in both voice and wine.

Most people boil down their opinions of these art forms to one adjective - “sweet”, "sharp", “strident” - or, even more simply, to a black-and-white statement: “I don’t like it” or “I love it!” After an evening with our singers and experts, we hope our guests will have a more informed palate and the ability to discern and express what they hear and taste.

Our intimate, salon-style programs promise to change the way our guests think about wine and song!

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