Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pittsburgh Is One of First Cities to Get New Stouffer’s Products

New Seasoning Wraps Now Available in Pittsburgh

Beginning regionally this year, Stouffer’s is expanding out of the frozen food aisle with several new products, and Pittsburgh is one of the few select cities to try them first.

Designed to make cooking easier and more convenient, Stouffer’s Seasoning Wraps come in four different flavors - Italian Countryside Herb, Roasted Garlic and Lemon, Roasted Tomato Herb and Lemon Dill. Perfect for chicken and fish, the wraps are made with heat-safe parchment paper coated with herbs and spices. To cook, simply place the chicken or fish on the paper and wrap tightly.

After heating a skillet on medium for two minutes (no oil needed), place the folded wrap fold side down on the skillet and cook for ten minutes. With a spatula turn over to other side and cook another ten minutes. The meat comes out moist, seasoned and ready to eat with no GMO ingredients and artificial flavors or colors. In addition to adding flavor with its seasonings, the wraps brown the meat and seal in the juices.

Note: For best wrapping, the fish or chicken should be no thicker than one inch. To help measure thickness, the package comes with a handy guide on the side.

I tried the roasted herb wraps with chicken tenders, two to a wrap. They came out juicy, moist and flavored but with just a tad more salt than I’d like. I also tried the lemon dill wrap with salmon filets, and they were tasty and done in half the time suggested on the package. For an extra bit of lemon flavor I added a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice.
In addition to saving time and being convenient, the wraps proved a fun way to enjoy a meal. (Just unwrap the meat and throw away the paper). The wraps are available locally only at Giant Eagle stores and come four to a package for $1.99.
Stauffer's New Sauce Duo

Another new Stouffer’s product, Sauce Duos, come in plastic bags of paired marinades and finishing sauces that work in tandem to produce complimentary flavors. Together, the two sauces deeply infuse flavors into every bite, creating family pleasing dinners in less than 20 minutes.

My Own Zucchini, Chicken Thigh and Udon Noodle Stir Fry Using Stauffer's Sauce Duos

To cook, separate the two packages along the center perforation, then open the marinade and pour over your favorite meat or vegetable. The cooking instruction suggest a 5 minute marinade, but I extended mine to a 15-minute soak on some diced chicken thighs.

In a hot wok, I cooked some diced zucchini to a golden brown in a tablespoon or two of  peanut oil, then removed it to a bowl. I then added the chicken thighs marinated with the Teriyaki and Sesame Sauce Duo and mushrooms and cooked the chicken till done. After adding some Udon noodles and the cooked zucchini, I poured the finishing sauce over the ingredients and cooked for an addition minute to allow the flavors to fully merge.

The final product came out tasting like something prepared at a Chinese restaurant. The Sauce Duos are gluten free, and, like the Seasoning Wraps, contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The Sauce Duos are available locally at Giant Eagle Markets and cost $2.69 for a 6.375 oz  pouch. Flavors include Roasted Garlic & Pesto, Southwest Style Fajita, Teriyaki & Sesame and Tuscan Herb.

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