Monday, April 20, 2015

Red Wine Can Stand Alone - or Serve as a Cocktail Mixer

    You've probably heard of using red wine as a base for Sangria. But how about using it as one of the ingredients in a cocktail?
    Recently, I came across three enticing cocktails that put red wine into the shaker along with several other ingredients to make a refreshing summer cocktail good for a multitude of occasions - a barbecue, picnic, just sitting on the patio or back porch or breaking the ice before a dinner party.
    As one who respects red wine unadulterated in its just out-of-the-bottle state, it's almost heresy to suggest masking its flavor with alien, though perhaps complimentary flavors. So in the name of adventurous imbibing, I decided to break my own personal tradition and take a new road less traveled. If you'd like to go along for  the ride, pull out your cocktail shakers and join me. Cheers!
¾ c. red wine
¼ c. lemon-lime soda
Garnish: lime wheel
Combine ingredients in a glass filled with ice. Stir and garnish with a lime wheel.

4 cherries
¼ oz. simple syrup
1 ½ oz. red wine
1 oz. bourbon
1 lemon slice
Add ice, simple syrup, wine, bourbon,  and lemon.  Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with cherries
Source: Elixer

1½ oz. Tequila Silver
1½ oz. pinot noir
½ oz. lime juice
½ oz. agave nectar
2 oz. grapefruit soda
Garnish: lime wedge
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a glass.
Source: Shaher Misif, Mixologist

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