Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pick of the Week - Write to Witness

 Join Amnesty International Pittsburgh for a FREE event celebrating the value that writers, journalists, poets, and bloggers bring to humankind by bearing witness to the truth. Hear the courageous stories of these individuals and learn what you can do to defend the right to witness.
    Information will be available about the work that Amnesty International does on a global scale. Letters, petitions, speakers, refreshments, and MORE. 
Featured Writers include:
r/b mertz: creative writing teacher and social justice poet will read from a selection of her poems
 Joy Katz: Pittsburgh artist and writer, whose current project includes One Large, will read from a selection of her poems
Sarah Shotland: Co-founder and Program Coordinator of Words Without Walls, which brings creative writing classes to jails, prisons and treatment facilities in Pittsburgh will read from a piece she wrote about working in jails and prisons
    Amnesty International volunteers will read selections by Liu Xiaobo (China) Tariq Ramadan (UK) and Oksana Chelysheva (Russia) - all former or current writers at risk/in danger
Remarks by Tony Norman, award-winning Post-Gazette columnist
Yaghoub Yadali, Iran
Israel Centeno, Venezuela
    Amnesty International in the Alphabet City Tent is an "Open Stage" event.  Every two weeks during "Summer on Sampsonia," City of Asylum opens the tent to writers, artists, thinkers and community groups to program cultural events.  For more information, call Karen Simpson at 412-323-0278.

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