Sunday, December 13, 2015

Electra - A Flavor-Packed, Low Alcohol Dessert Wine

Quady Electra Photo Credit: Bill Rockwell
    While the brilliantly colorful angel on the front label on a bottle of Quady Electra might imply Christmas, as in the hymn "Angels We Have Heard On High," the wine maker suggests serving this low alcohol (it comes in at 4.5%) Muscato at summertime picnics.
    I think it might just as well serve as a Christmas season dessert accompaniment to go along with a slice of Buche de Noel, especially for an alcohol -deprived designated driver who should be able to handle a moderate-sized glass before getting behind the wheel.
    Made from 75% Orange Muscat grapes with the remainder made from Muscat Canelli, the flavor profile of Electra is definitely citrus-y orange with accents of honeydew, pear and apricot. While decidedly on the sweeter side of the spectrum, the wine has a pleasant acidity and crispness that balances out its 172.4 g/L residual sugar.
    The wine maker’s methodology is to ferment the wine at a low temperature for a short period of just over a month, then filter and bottle it with an alcohol content that’s less than that of most beers. This process preserves the original flavors of the grape and allows distinct floral notes to come through, a compliment to its predominately orange qualities.
    Refreshingly light with a slight effervescent quality, the wine can be drunk alone but also mates well with spicy Asian dishes, fruit salads, subtly-flavored cheeses, creamy puddings such as tapioca and rice, cheesecake and fruits such as persimmons, strawberries, red raspberries and apricots.
    The folks at Quady also suggest using it to make Sangria and freezing it overnight in a covered container to make sorbet. A 750 ml bottle sells for around $14.00.

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