Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lambrusco: The Robert Downey Jr. of Wine

Lambrusco with Strawberries: A Good Match
Here's the latest missive from Bottlenotes, an online bulletin about wine

RDJ turned it around and so will Lambrusco!
We’d like to think of Lambrusco as the Robert Downey Jr. of wines.
Both had horrible reputations in the 90’s. Downey turned his life around though and we believe that Lambrusco can, uh, Avenge its past and do the same.
Lambrusco is a red, frothy, effervescent wine that was long been associated with Riunite on ice, Riunite so nice.
Thankfully that ad campaign is long gone…and so is the not-so-great wine.
Lambrusco is on a serious upswing and could very well be the next hot trendy wine. So here are five reasons you should get ahead of the curve.
1. Lambrusco is a chilled red wine. That alone is super fun because we drink every other red at room temperature. Couple that with the bubbles – which the Italians call frizzante style, or semi-sparkling – and it’s a party in a glass.
2. The quality of Lambrusco keeps improving, says Joe Campanale, operating director at Alta Linea in NYC. The Italians have upped their game and the wine pros are noticing and putting it on restaurant wine lists.
3. Lambrusco is very low alcohol – like 11% – which means you can drink it all day.
4. It’s made in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which is sort of central Italy – north of Tuscany, but south of Milan. And while the area is not one of Italy’s leading wine regions, it’s certainly a big-time food region. We’re talking about the home of Parmesan-Reggiano cheese, balsamic vinegar and prosciutto ham. Yum. And the acidity of the wine is perfect and cuts right through all that fat. That means you know its going to work with your burger and ribs too.
5. The best Lambruscos – the really good stuff – still only cost around $20.
So try this bubbly, food-friendly wine at your next BBQ. Or pour it over strawberries like the Italians do and get an extra fruit serving for the day.
Captain America would be proud.
Lini Labrusca Lambrusco ($16)
Venturini Baldini Lambrusco Tenuta di Roncolo ($15)
Villa Corlo Corleto Lambrusco ($13)

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