Saturday, September 10, 2016

CLO Cabaret Goes "Toxic"

Evan Ruggiero in Pittsburgh CLO's THE TOXIC AVENGER | Photos: Archie Carpenter 

Meet Toxie!
THE TOXIC AVENGER opens September 22

Name: Evan Ruggiero

Role: Melvin Ferd the Third and Toxie

Tell us about your character(s): Melvin is an aspiring earth scientist who is out on a mission to save Tromaville from toxic waste and pollution. He's not that confident in himself and tends to get pushed around by the town bullies. One afternoon, the town bullies toss him into a vat of toxic waste. Out of the vat, Melvin reappears as...The Toxic Avenger, a large green mutant with superhuman strength!!!

Fun Fact(s) about You: I tap dance with a peg leg and have an arsenal of prosthetic legs for different activities, whether it be running, walking, dancing, swimming, or driving, including one that was made especially for this show! I also play multiple instruments including guitar, drums and piano.

Why will audiences love this show? Audiences will love this show because it's hysterical. Aside from that, there's a great love story behind the constant laughter and a positive message about overcoming adversity. Plus, who doesn't like 80's rock n' roll power-ballads?

"The Toxic Avenger" is at the Theater at Cabaret Square in Downtown Pittsburgh. For tickets, phone 412-456-6666 or visit website

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