Sunday, February 12, 2017

Carnegie Stage and Company Deserve Laurels for "The Pink Unicorn"

Amy Landis in "The Pink Unicorn"

While it's not my practice to write a review about a show that has closed out its run by the time you'll be reading this, I was so impressed by "The Pink Unicorn' that I just had to post something. Not to brag but just merely to illustrate how highly I regard this production, I've seen at least 2,000, maybe even 3,000 or more plays in my theater-going lifetime, and I'd place this one in the top twenty, maybe even higher, on my list of favorites.

Written by Elise Forier Edie (if you're like me you'll ask WHO?), "The Pink Unicorn" is masterfully scripted and masterfully acted by Amy Landis, a actress worth keeping an eye on for future work. In total control of this one woman show, Landis (a Bonnie Rait lookalike) drew me in and held me captivated up until intermission. Even the brief break in the theatrical bubble didn't deter her from picking up where she left off, propelling the comic yet thought-provoking and touching show to its emotional conclusion.

Only low energy due to a recent bout of  a cold or flu making its way through the area and a slew of assignments and doctor visits this week prevents me from writing more. Even though you may have missed the show this week, there is great consolation in the fact that it will be restaged in May at the Carnegie Stage. My only wish is that you take advantage of the opportunity to see it then.

Carnegie Stage is at 25 W. Main Street in Carnegie. Phone 724-873-3578 for more information.

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