Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rosé Wines - For Moms and Bros

Photo and Article Courtesy Bottlenotes 

While Rosé wine may seem like the perfect girls’ drink, the “Brosé” revolution is in full swing. “2014 saw a 39% increase in volume in men drinking Rosé. In fact, men now account for 45% of all U.S. Rosé consumption,” says Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW and in her new book Rosé Wine: The Guide to Drinking Pink.

And the Brosé (which basically refers to “bros” who drink Rosé) movement has even hit Hollywood. In 2014 entertainer Adam Carolla released a pink “Mangria” called Brosé that he actually brought to Jimmy Kimmel’s house for Sunday football games and they all loved it.

Adding ice and making slushies out of it has helped remove the “girls-only” stigma as well.

“So the future is looking bright…and pink!” says Simonetti-Bryan.

And while there are 100s of different kinds of Rosés out there now, in all different styles, made from all different grapes, her book has this super-simple quiz (like her first book — The One Minute Wine Master: Discover 10 Wines You’ll Like in 60 Seconds or Less) to help you determine which kind of Rosé you — or your Mom —– would prefer. So grab the book for Mother’s Day if you still need a gift.

And then give Mom a bottle that fits her personality. And since our Moms come in all wonderful shapes, sizes and moods, maybe grab a few bottles for her. But we asked Simonetti-Bryan to pair with her personality.

So is she….

…Soft-Spoken. Consider Drew Barrymore's Rose of Pinot Noir, says Simonetti-Bryan. “It's dry, crisp with light strawberry notes and soft perfume.”

…Demanding. Like Cleopatra! “Legend has it that she used a Brachetto to seduce Mark Antony and Julius Caesar.” Brachetto is a richly-flavored, yet effervescent, Rosé with strong raspberry and floral notes. “The sweetness is seductive enough to pair with chocolate-covered strawberries or shortcake.” Try the Banfi Rosa Regale.

…Swanky. “Grab a Rosé from Provence, France, the homeland of Rosé, such as Chateau Miraval.” (That's Brangelina's Chateau which they are not selling despite the divorce). “It’s light and delicate with berry and sea breeze notes.”

…a Fashionista (or a reality-TV watcher!). Definitely grab the LVP Rosé. “This is reality star Lisa Vanderpump's Rosé. It’s light and delicate with some sweetness and tropical fruit flavors.”

So pick something that matches Mom and drink it with her. Spending time with her is the best gift you can give her.

Happy Mother’s Day to the fabulous women — and men — who devote their lives to our kids!

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